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Hi, My mane is Mark Owen. Early the year we purchased a Mini Australian Shepard from Dianna Elliott. We named him Bobber because I was looking for a friend and someone who could go fishing with me in the boat. Dianna was excellent to work with and we had Bobber shipped to us via airline. I can tell you Bobber is the best dog I have ever had. He is so very smart that a lot of times I only have to show him something once or twice and he understands. We play a lot and during the quiet times I have taught him to sit or lay down besides the chair I am sitting in. He has been taught since day one that he is not allowed on the furniture and does not even try to get on the sofa or chair. I bought him a dog bed/pad and put it besides the bed and when I go to bed he comes and lays down on it right besides the bed. He pretty much follows me through the house or in the yard. He was very easy to potty train and I think we only had two or three times where he made a mistake in the house early on in his training. It is apparent that Dianna had a lot of care and love in the puppy when we got him. His first birthday was November 21st. of this year and he is about 24 lbs. I have attached a couple of pictures of him so you could see what a one year old will look like.

Mark Owen Kansas City, MO.

We were looking for a puppy for our daughter for Christmas. It is very difficult to find what you are looking for and for the timing to be “just right”. Dianna helped us as much as she could and we ended up with the perfect Miniature Aussie. We are very happy with Theodore (Teddy) and my daughter loves him. He came to us clean and healthy and socialized. He adapted immediately to our family and our other Aussie. Thanks Dianna!
Lisa Garcia Boulder Colo.

I am sorry for not writing you more often, about Jake. He is doing very well and was neutered about 10 days ago in AZ. I brought him back to CO. the next day and he is doing fine. The only problem that we have had with him is separation anxiety . If he is left alone he will tear the snot out of most anything. He knows he has been bad the minute you walk into the house and try's to make up immediately. SOOOOO he goes with me pretty much everywhere except when I am doing an auction. I can leave him in my truck and he seems to be OK for a up to an hour (never left him longer than that).

He sleeps on the bed at night and is always within "paws reach " of me. His signal that he has to go out is a cold nose in the ear, but he always let's us know. Overall he is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever been around. I am so glad we found you and I am so glad he was the dog I brought home that day. I will send you some pictures when I can figure out how to transfer them to this Apple.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas season and a great New Year!!!

Thank you again for my new Best friend,

Dave Reisman Peyton Co.

I got my little mini Aussie when he was 8 wks. and I knew right away he was a good one. He is so loving, gentle, smart as can be and has wonderful markings, good conformation and is absolutely beautiful!! I would recommend Dianna's pups to anyone who would provide a wonderful home. I found her to be someone very extraordinary who provides a good place for pups to start out as well as the nature of the 'parents' of her pups. Jesse is now 6 mos. old and loves kids, --people in general-, cats and other dogs. I have had 3 Aussies (reg. size) very close in age and they lived to be 16,15 &15 for my last gal who Jesse got to be around for a week before I had to put her down. I'm so glad that they got to meet each other. I am very picky about my selection of my dog-friends and Jesse was just right. As you can tell, I recommend her pups very highly and do hope you get one and love him/her like I do my guy. Please respond if you have any questions or concerns,

Patricia McClellan Phx. Arizonia

Hey Dianna,
I know it has been a long time sence I have told you a little about Ally the mini aussie red tri. She is really doing good and I love playing with her! she is also very excited when Igo to let her out of her kennel she enjoys playing w/ our other puppy. I lov to take her every where I go. She has had a little time hearding sheep at my grandfathers house. She also loves it when i throw dirt clods in the air. She does really good in 4-H showmanship and she is excelent in obedence. I was wondering if you have any other mini red tries for about 500 dollars please let me know.

Jayce Ervin

His new name is Carter and he does not walk much. He is carried everywhere. He sleeps on the bed and when he has to go to the bathroom, he whines to get down. Our youngest wanted a baby doll carriage just for him and of course we went and got her one. Thank you for everything.

Kim & Joe Witchley New York

Hi Dianna,

I just wanted to let you know that Mocha is doing wonderfully. She has adjusted and is very happy. Lucy is not liking her at this moment so we will have work to do in that area. So far no potty mishaps in the house. We are very lucky. Dylan gets up 2 times a night to let her out. She actually slept until 7 this morning.

Thanks again for such a wonderful puppy.

Have a Happy Holiday !

The Vero’s Colorado

I work with Connie Blasco. I have fallen in LOVE with her
dog and she won't give her to me! (Go figure) :)


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